Rebekah Adkins


A Dallas native, I graduate this spring from UNT’s Interior Design program, with minors in Art HistoryandBusiness Entrepreneurship. A maximalist with minimalistic ideals, my design philosophy often materializes in my work as a juxtaposition of historical and contemporary aesthetics. I find myself constantly re-inventing my surroundings and habits in pursuit of a deeper understanding of design, to better recognize, create, and incorporate beauty(in its multitude of forms) into daily life. While awareness of art and design—or lack thereof—has long guided most aspects of my personal life, I can now look back on these past years honing my skills as a design student with a fresh sense of perspective, purpose, and ambition. I look forward to the next phase of my journey as a designer: making positive differences in the world—however small—by applying my knowledge base to bring the gift of beauty to others. In my free time, I pursue an array of creative endeavors, including ceramics, gardening, and watercolor painting. I often find my love of design to interconnect closely with my love of nature, continually expanding my knowledge of natural history, to both protect and draw inspiration from nature’s ultimate design.

What is your favorite memory in the Interior Design program?

When I handed in my semester’s-worth of work on the day of the Interior Design Program’s intro portfolio review, I experienced a moment of realization and release, as my long-standing struggle with feelings of self-doubt in my own validity as a designer suddenly gave way to a newfound sense of pride in my work, confidence in my ability, and excitement in the continuation of my journey towards a passion-filled career.

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