Quiana Querisma

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time attending UNT. While studying, I have learned many aspects of Residential design, Commercial design, and Higher Education design from my student internships. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in Residential or Multi-family design. My goals for the future are set on earning my NCIDQ and LEED certifications. I would also possibly like to earn a master’s degree in Architecture or Interior Design. Ultimately, I believe that design is important because it shapes the world we see around us every day, so it’s necessary to understand and improve our surroundings.


Favorite memory in the Interior Design program

My favorite memory in the Interior Design program was during my sophomore year portfolio review. I had spent an all-nighter with Noelle Hayes, and Katie Todd at the CVAD Building on a Friday night. We watched the sunrise the following morning and were laughing at how delirious we were, but we got so much work done that night!  

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