Noelle Hayes

Originally from Houston, I have loved studying Interior Design here at the Universityof North Texas. Art has always been my strength, and both of my parents are designers as well. Being a second-generationchild and the first one to go to a University in the U.S has really given me a wide perspective on the world, and I feel proud to be a UNT alumnus. I have traveled a lot and found a lot of inspiration in my designs by mixing traditional pieces with bold colors. I love contemporary design, and really love using sustainable solutions. 


Favorite memory in the Interior Design program.  

I remember when we submitted our portfolios for the program, I had pulled all-nighters to make sure I was set to get in. I worked with a few classmates in the Art building, and we were sleeping under desks for an hour tops, then continuing our work. After we turned in our portfolios Heather was so excited, we had turned her portfolio in she ran down the art hall and tackled me in a hug. We were so nervous about getting into the program, and it felt like we had accomplished the impossible. It truly felt like we were on top of the world!  

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