Morgan Allen


Throughout my life I’ve had a growing interest in all forms of art, whether it’s visual or musical. My childhood hobbies such as drawing, painting, and sculpting became talents, and those talents developed into the pursuit of career goals that would allow me to use my creativity for meaningful purposes. Interior Design is a way for me to use my artistic skills to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly spaces in people’s daily lives. Learning the impact that Interior Design has on people, both physically and psychologically, continues to spark my interest. I am interested in all sectors of Interior Design, whether it be office spaces, hotels, residential, healthcare, education, or retail. I aspire to become involved in the design industry in a way that can help provide a variety of spaces; to create welcoming, comforting, or even dream-like experiences. My goal is to help design beautiful spaces for all people; regardless of a person’s disability, culture, religion, or gender, and to be among a team of talented designers who can design to inspire.

What is your go-to phrase as a designer?

As designers, we understand that a design can always be improved. It is true that we are our harshest critics, and you have to remind yourself to step away from what you’re doing and ask, “is this a good stopping point” (and, of course, we want to say “no”, because there really is no stopping point). Our minds are constantly racing through ideas, pondering ways to work around the footprint of a design, asking ourselves “is this functional” or “does this comply to a standard” or “does this reflect my concept”.
So, through all this pondering, my go-to phrase for when I become lost in my work is “Click Save and move on.”

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