Maria Garibay


My name is Maria Garibay a born and raise Latin-American. I am a first-generation university student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior design. My father is a carpenter therefore, growing up I was always exposed to building things with my hands. It wasn’t till my high school era when he began to teach me the basics of cabinetry. I only knew a handful of what he knows and it wasn’t enough. I began to seek more information about cabinetry along with other works similar to his. His career paved the way for to me studying interior design. I wanted to explore the different elements of design and be able to use my creativity for the greater good.

What is your favorite memory in the Interior Design Program?

My favorite interior design program memory would most definitely have to be portfolio week. One of the most stressful weeks of my life. On the last day of portfolio week, me and my classmate were in the computer lab printing our portfolios. So we could take them to our then professor Bill, who was offering to bind them in the resource lab. I finished printing first and headed down to the second floor while my classmate stayed behind. We were minutes before the deadline but although rushed Bill was nice enough to bind my portfolio himself. Once done I rushed back upstairs to find my classmate but she was gone. But we later bumped into each other in front of the resource lab as she stood there frozen with her portfolio and a binding comb unattached. She looked at me with one of the saddest faces asking for help as she stuttered “Mari help I don’t know how to do this”. Her expression was priceless, although at the moment it was serious we look back at it now and laugh.

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