Lauren Kaiser

Hello, my name is Lauren and I am a senior in UNT’s Interior Design program. I enjoy researching sensory design and aim to challenge society’s ocular centric tendencies. My favorite book of Architecture is The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa. I am often inspired by the concepts portrayed in his literature as well as Architects such as Carlo Scarpa and Tadao Ando. I believe there is more to architecture than the visual aesthetic, and that “just a building” has the opportunity to spark emotion and bring deeply rooted memories to the surface.

What’s something that is always on your work desk?

Aside from the supplies to whatever new hobby I am picking up, right now it’s tufting so lots of yarn, I always have my cute little Harry Potter Funko Pop and a small painting my boyfriend made for me that has a heart connecting Texas to Michigan, which is where he lives (such a sap).

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