Laura Korns

Hi, I’m Laura Korns, a practicing interior designer. I am a transplant for Chaska, MN, since 1997 and call The Colony, Texas home. I enjoy creating things with a purpose. These things need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The love for interior design came when my husband and I built an addition to our previous home. This addition became to be known as the “sewing room.” This room is where I constructed garments for fun. Since I interacted with people through fittings and cosmetology work, my interest is in residential design. When I am not designing interiors, I enjoy my many hobbies: sewing, cross-stitch, crochet, gardening, arts and crafts, and being outdoors at our cabin in East Texas or going for long walks with my dog Smuckles.

What’s something that is always on your work desk?

A measuring device of some sort, ruler, tape measure, yardstick, etc., is always on or near my work area

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