Abigail Wohler

After my first year of college studying Marine Biology in Florida, I saw an article about a young designer that found their calling in the fashion industry which resulted in their newfound love of work. This caused me to have an “aha” moment and I began to question how I could steer my path towards a creative career. Combining my detail-oriented processes and passion for visual design, I knew I needed to follow my instincts and apply for the University of North Texas’s Interior Design program. My professors and peers at UNT have taught me to research the full spectrum of project needs, strengthen industry standards by questioning them, and create spaces that enhance people’s daily experiences.  After graduation, I hope to become a well-rounded professional in industries that bring people together through impactful design.

What is your go-to phrase as a designer?

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” -David Hicks

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